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No one likes to do taxes. State and federal tax laws are complicated and overwhelming to the average American, making tax season a major headache for many individuals, families, and businesses. The only thing that can make tax season worse is being hit with a civil penalty or facing a tax-related dispute with the IRS or another taxing agency.

If you find yourself up against a complex tax matter, let a professional step in and assist you. I am a dedicated tax attorney in New York State with nearly 20 years of legal experience. I have dedicated my practice to helping Americans navigate the overwhelming tax laws that affect their finances. Whether you are struggling with tax debt or disputing a penalty, my firm, Wynne Law, P.C., is here to help.

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Tax Cases in New York State

Tax law cases are indisputably tricky. They require a thorough understanding of the law, serious problem-solving skills, and extensive experience finding effective solutions to intricate tax issues. I have what it takes to help you resolve most any tax-related problem you are facing.

I routinely handle NYS tax cases involving:

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When you work with my firm, you receive one-on-one personal attention from a skilled New York tax lawyer who genuinely cares about you and your finances. I am passionate about helping my clients regain their financial footing so that they can get a fresh start. I am also passionate about holding federal and state taxing agencies accountable for any mistakes they might make.

For cost-effective representation for your tax matters, turn to Wynne Law, P.C. As your New York tax attorney, I can guide you down the road to a new beginning.

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