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Keeping track of taxes can be a major chore. For many people, keeping up with personal or business filing obligations can be difficult, but if those accounts are forgotten or mishandled, the penalties can be severe, possibly making you vulnerable to criminal charges. Let me help you. At Wynne Law, P.C., I help clients to file voluntary disclosures that declare taxes they owe with a promise to pay the NYS back, along with all future taxes as well. Call me today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about voluntary disclosures.

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Owing back taxes can mean stiff monetary and criminal penalties. The Voluntary Disclosure and Compliance Program was instituted to help people who owe taxes to come clean and avoid those penalties by declaring exactly what they owe, paying them off in full, and promising to no longer avoid paying taxes. Think of it like a plea deal. You promise not to avoid your obligations anymore, and the government forgives your infractions.

You will need to provide tax information that includes:

  • The type of tax that you did not file or need to amend
  • The tax periods in question

Let Wynne Law, P.C. Help You Protect Yourself

Because these matters are complicated, it helps to get advice from a legal professional with in-depth knowledge and insights about state and federal tax codes. I have been licensed to practice tax law since 2002, and I understand what it takes to help you avoid serious penalties.

During our free consultation, we will go over the nature of your challenges to help you better understand how to proceed. From there, you can make informed choices about what to do. Call today and get started.

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