Installment Agreement Attorney in Long Island

Helping You Pay Your Tax Debt Over Time in Nassau County

If you have significant tax debt and feel overwhelmed, there are legal options available. One option to resolve your tax issue is an installment agreement. An installment agreement between you and a taxing agency allows you to pay your debt over a certain amount of time rather than all at once. The circumstances of your situation will determine if you are eligible for an installment agreement.

As an experienced tax attorney in Garden City , I can help you find the relief you need. I understand that tax debt can be a severe burden. My goal is to find an effective solution that works for your unique case. I would be happy to assess your situation and determine if an installment agreement is the best fit for you.

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Requesting an Installment Agreement

Whether you have outstanding federal or state tax debt, you may be eligible for an installment agreement through the IRS or NYS. The IRS offers short-term payment plans and long-term installment agreements. New York’s Department of Tax and Finance also offers installment payment agreements. You can also obtain an IPA as a business in certain circumstances.

To request an installment agreement from the IRS or an installment payment agreement from New York’s DTF, you must meet specific eligibility requirements and submit an application. It is important that this application is completed accurately – I can help you submit an effective and comprehensive request that accurately illustrates your need of a payment plan.

Things to Keep in Mind

Remember: obtaining an installment agreement does not discharge your debt. In fact, your account will accrue interest and penalties over the course of the payment plan. An installment agreement is also just one method of managing tax debt – there may be other solutions that better fit your needs.

I have extensive legal experience that I can put to work for you. My first priority is to determine if an installment agreement is right for you. From there, I can assist you with the application process and facilitate communications with the IRS or New York DTF to ease your burden.

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