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The New York State Voluntary Disclosure and Compliance Program

Haven’t filed your taxes in years? Or filed your taxes but significantly under-reported how much tax was due? There may be a quick and relatively painless solution for you: the New York State Voluntary Disclosure and Compliance Program.

New York State created the Voluntary Disclosure program to encourage Taxpayers who had not filed or paid their taxes to voluntarily come forward and file and pay what they owe. The Voluntary Disclosure program covers all types of tax administered by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance including income, corporate, payroll and sales taxes.

Under the Voluntary Disclosure Program, eligible Taxpayers can avoid both potentially steep monetary penalties and possible criminal charges by:

  • disclosing what tax types and years they owe,
  • filing those returns and paying those taxes, and
  • entering into an agreement to stay compliant with the tax laws in the future.

The main catch is that you must approach them before they approach you. As long as you get to them first, you can avoid both criminal prosecution and financial penalties. 

Many Taxpayers will be eligible for a limited look-back period of just three years. Others will get a look back period of six years, meaning they will only have to prepare, file and pay six years’ worth of taxes. 

Do not delay anymore! Call or email Wynne Law, P.C. today to find out if you may be eligible to participate in the New York State Voluntary Disclosure program.